| barcoding

Hayes Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, Apr 08 – Sept 08   [ design + fabrication ]                                             

In collaboration with Michael-John Bailie & Dan Stripp

Inspired simultaneously by the library barcoding system as well as the metaphorical compulsion of a vertical book stack, this circulation space consists of a series of extrapolated vertical lines defining the organizational structure of both the back-wall shelving unit and the front circulation desk of Architecture and Planning Library at the University at Buffalo. This organization defines a spatial barcode and a compulsive vertical surface unique to APL through the varied alternation of vertical panels of plywood surfaces (concealed cabinets and door frame) and exposed ply-edges (full height structural bookends). Constructed using domestic grade maple plywood, the structural cabinets, door frames, drawer boxes and structural plywood bookend panels are prefabricated as individual components which are assembled onsite using steel rods and cotter pins. Not unlike the staves and metal hoops of a wine barrel, the verticality of the individual component hence becomes a vertical stack, held in compression by the fixation of the steel rods and pins, forming a balancing horizontal stitch in tension.

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