| excavations

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore, Jan 03 – Apr 03 

This project is used to investigate the architectural methodology of using a highly intuitive and inspirational parti model as a project accelerator to push an inspiring idea into spatial ordering principles as well as to generate sensorial architectural opportunities.  The parti model have been regularly brought to the drawing table and crit reviews  to reinforce and challenge the possibilities of preserving the integrity of the most initial inspiration of this parti model and yet achieve a architecture that can represents the abstraction.

The galleries are seen as a removed experience from the surrounding landscape, a form of excavation from nature, where the abstracted becomes the exhibits. This intuition, first derived from Blossfledt’s works, developed into a parti model of a timber block, with portions cut out and replaced with paraffin wax. A sense of sensuousness and tactility arises from this parti model, which primarily drives the project through.