| quadspace

Blackrock, Buffalo, New York, Aug 08 – Aug 2009   [ design + build ]

In collaboration with Michael-John Bailie,Paul Dudkowski & Dan Stripp

Quad Space is an insertion of an architectural academic exercise as a full-scale constructed exploration to spatially and structurally manipulate and define the division of four spaces within a 400 sq. ft. house. The project re-evaluates the operations of architectural exercises within the academia and its role and relationship with the social, communal and economic environment that it is based within. The project critically investigates the effort and process of establishing an academic architectural research project as a full-scale construction inserted within the city of Buffalo, involving the physical manipulation and conversion of an existing derelict house into a habitable space.

The house, located at 139 Howell St in the Black Rock neighborhood in the City of Buffalo, is a brick-veneered house built in the early 1900s. This house was identified after a series of field research and subsequently acquired at the Buffalo City auction in Oct 2008 for $6500. A series of studies on volumetric, programmatic and infrastructural precedents of contemporary domestic issues and spaces manifested into a strategic framework to define the division of the house into four equal parts, each entitled to an individual author of the project. The strategic framework was developed into a design executed as a full-scale architectural construction project, through the physical labor of the four authors to spatially and structurally manipulate the house, subsequently engaging the four individuals as owners, architects and builders of the academic exercise.

For more information: http://quadspace.wordpress.com